Menu for packed lunches for fishermen

1) Energy bar
2) Choice of beef burger, chicken burger, fillet steak roll , chicken wrap, 
3) One piece of fruit eg: apple, banana, orange etc.
4) Packet of crisps.
5) Drink.
All of the above five items for US$10
Must be ordered and paid day before at the long bar


Menu for long bar dinner

Burgers beef, chicken
Fillet steak rolls
Chicken wrap
Piri piri chicken chips/sadzagravy salad 
Tbone chips/sadzagravy salad
Chicken strips and chips
Sadza stew
Salads mixed 
Thai beef salad
Thai chicken salad
Mixed salad coleslaw, pitatoe greens and beetroot
Wood fired pizza 
Chinese noodles beef chicken /curry rice alternate nights


Please contact Zidan Adam on +263774502608 to organise any meals you require.

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