Frequently Asked Questions

forum How to enter your team into the tournament?
Download the entry form from the website and fill it in and drop it off with payment to MedNet offices, 64 Churchil Avenue, Alexander Park, Harare. Collect the form from the MedNet offices if you cannot download the form online.
forum How many anglers are required to participate in the tournament?
A minimum of 2 anglers are required to enter the tournament, both anglers are required to be on the same boat. A maximum of 6 people are allowed to register for the tournament with only 4 angling and 2 being the bucket boys.
forum How many fish am I allowed to log through the Keepnet App each day?
You are able to log as many fish as you catch on any day through the app. The app will automatically sync your Top 20 biggest fish from the day.
forum Where do I get my measuring mat for the tournament?
Every team will receive 2 measuring mats at the registration process on the Tuesday before the tournament begins.
forum What is the qualifying length for a fish?
The qualifying length this year will be 30cm.
forum Can I hire a boat to use for the tournament?
Yes. If you do not have access to a boat in Kariba you are able to hire boats from Marineland.
forum What are the gillies allowed to do during the tournament?
Each team is allowed to register two reserve anglers . These two are the only anglers allowed to replace an absent , injured or sick angler AFTER the replacement has been officially authorised by the tournament committee. The reserve anglers are allowed to go out on the boat as a “gillie” . Max of one gillie per boat . They are only allowed to change boats at the start of a new day after notifying the committee of their change in good time. To promote the development of new anglers for Tournament and for gillies to learn and practice fishing for tiger ( and for capable anglers who might be assisting or even guiding to enjoy their week more ) gillies ARE allowed to fish actively during the official PRACTICE period . Gillies are NOT allowed to actively fish at any time during the actual competition . In official competition times a gillie must not :- Cast out a line . Let out a trawling line . Strike a rod or handle an active rod at any time . They are allowed to :- Tie all terminal tackle onto a rod . Bait up rods ready for use . Reel in a “dead” rod ( but allow them to do so at your own risk because if the rod goes live at any time during the retrieval that fish will not count ) Land fish without touching the rod . Assist in the measuring , recording and release of all fish caught .
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